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What is Trees for Tourism?

Trees for Tourism (TfT) and “WPO Plant a Forest” are programs of the South African Reforestation Trust (SART).

 The aim of these programs is:
1) To stimulate the tourism industry and businesses in the network of the Woman
President’s Organisation in South Africa to fund the planting of trees in selected
afforestation and reforestation sites (“forestation sites”) in order to create pristine
indigenous forest eco-systems;
2) to identify forestation sites in (the Western Cape of) South Africa which comply with certain conditions and which are prepared to actively promote and market the
“buying” of trees among the different players of the tourism industry in their area
under the banner of the TfT program;
3) to provide assistance and tools for the participating forestation sites in order for
these sites to enhance their marketing capacity and to increase their “sales”;
4) to take over the administrative burden (invoices, issue of certificates etc) by
providing proper (automated) systems for this purpose;
5) to combine forces between the different forestation sites and to create a platform and a brand to communicate a large scale forestation and rehabilitation effort on the basis of common standards in order to relieve stand-alone operations from having to position themselves individually;
6) to develop and create sufficient economies of scale (hectares of forestation sites
available and combined nursery capacity) and authority for the SART to be a
potential credible partner for any corporate or other party which has the intention
to participate in large scale forestation;
7) to provide a solution for any temporary bottleneck in availability of nursery stock or; properly prepared land a forestation-site might have by “swapping” between sites;
8) to accrue funds to further the above aims.